Once you’re familiar with the Health Wealth Dealership, it’s essential to understand the Rules and Regulations of being a Dealer. These guidelines ensure a fair and transparent environment for everyone involved. It’s important to be well-informed and abide by these rules and regulations as you embark on this exciting venture.

  1. Any interested individual eighteen (18) years to sixty-five (65) years of age may become a HEALTHWEALTH INTERNATIONAL CORP. (HWIC) Dealer (Dealer) by purchasing a HEALTHWEALTH Product Pack and duly accomplishing and signing the required Dealer Information Sheet.

    A Dealer guarantees that all the details in his/her Dealer Information Sheet (DIS) are true and accurate upon which HWIC can completely depend for its reference, including Dealer’s name and PRIMARY Dealer Number (if any) and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Any subsequent change or amendment to any of the information in his/her DIS, to be effective and binding upon HWIC, must be in writing and submitted to and duly received by HWIC.

    DIS must be properly signed and dated with all information entered correctly. DIS containing errors, missing information, or unreadable data will not be accepted and processed and will be returned to the Dealer for correction and/or completion.

    A Dealer Number will be assigned to a Dealer when his/her application is processed.

    HWIC will not be responsible for the loss of incentives or delays in the registration of new Dealers due to errors in their respective DIS. HWIC will not be responsible for delay in the processing of any DIS unless the duly filled-up and complete DIS is submitted directly to HWIC office at the Third Floor Emerald Building, F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Address changes or any other account changes may be done in writing or through Customer Relations Department, telephone no. (02) 8633-7261. 
  2.  A Dealer is an independent distributor/entrepreneur/entity who is obligated to regularly purchase HWIC products for his/her own personal use or for resale to consumers. A Dealer’s association with HWIC does not create any principal-agent, master-servant, employee-employer, joint venture, or partnership relationship between HWIC and Dealer.
  3. A Dealer is authorized to sell to any customer and is hereby allowed to accept and submit all the necessary documents, i.e. information sheet, bank deposit slips or money order in relation to the purchase of any HWIC products by such customers. Check payments should be made payable to HWIC and directly remitted to authorized cashiers of HWIC. Dealers are not authorized nor sanctioned by HWIC to accept cash payments. HWIC shall not be liable for any monetary loss in the course of remittance of payments.
  4. HWIC offers one hundred percent (100%) customer satisfaction. Dealers may ask for replacement for products purchased from any HWIC distribution outlets, as long as it is within the allowable period of seven (7) calendar days from the date of purchase. HWIC reserves the right to change the allowable return period depending on the nature of the product and applicable company policies. HWIC shall notify the Dealers of any change in the allowable return period prior to its implementation.

    Product returns shall be made pursuant to the following procedure:
    1. Present the product to be replaced together with the original Official Receipt at the Customer Relations Department;
    2. If reason for return or replacement is acceptable and approved by HWIC, Dealer will be notified within five (5) working days from date of submission to the Customer Relations Department;
    3. After receipt of the notice of approval, Dealer may then claim the replacement product from the Product Releasing Department anytime during office hours.
  5. The tampering and the exchange of the contents of HealthWealth Product Packs shall be classified as MISREPRESENTATION and ACTS OF FRAUD against fellow dealers and/or prospective dealers, and shall be deemed a direct violation of these Dealer Rules and Regulations.
  6. Pursuant to the Consumer Act of the Philippines, all Dealers shall be entitled to the corresponding commissions as stipulated in the HWIC Dealership Plan. In line with this, HWIC reserves the right to withhold appropriate taxes from the commissions and other monetary benefits of its Dealers. This shall be remitted directly to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) by HWIC. HWIC shall provide the Dealer with the Certificate of Creditable Withholding Tax At Source (BIR 2307).

    Except for the RENEWAL COMBO Product Pack, which is a combination of the fourteen (14) bottles of Green Barley Tropical, fourteen (14) bottles of Fruit Punch and fourteen (14) bottles of Dragon Fruit variants in one Product Pack, all HealthWealth Product Packs contain ONLY the following: forty-two (42) bottles each of the following variants: Green Barley Tropical, Chia Fruit Punch, Dragon Fruit, Glow Lite & Fit, Glow Barley. The International Product Packs have ten (10) GB Shot boxes each of Green Barley Tropical, Chia Fruit Punch, Dragon Fruit.
  7. Every Dealer’s Purchase Number (DPN) is required to ensure its personal Annual Sales Maintenance (ASM).
  8. If a Dealer fails to reach the personal Annual Sales Maintenance up to his/her anniversary date (1 year after he/she is confirmed as a Dealer of HWIC) (Anniversary Date), he/she will have a grace period of three (3) months and three (3) weeks after his/her Anniversary Date to meet the balance of the corresponding cash equivalent or to pay the balance in cash in order to remain in the Dealership Program.
  9. If a Dealer is not able to meet the Annual Sales Maintenance or pay the balance in cash despite the grace period given to him/her, Dealer, with his/her corresponding DPN, will be automatically removed from the HWIC Dealer system.
  10. HWIC encourages mutual aid and team-work among its Dealers. Any Dealer found guilty, after due notice and hearing, of having swayed or influenced other HWIC Dealers to transfer from one sales group to another shall be given proper sanctions, including forfeiture of commissions for grave violations.
  11. Registering a Second, Third, or Fourth Dealership Account with another Dealer Organization apart or separate from your First Dealership Account with HWIC is considered a violation of HWIC Rules and Regulations.
  12. Dealers are firmly prohibited to solicit or recruit or sponsor another Dealer from another group. A Dealer may only be considered for another group only if he/she has acquired INACTIVE status on all of his/her Dealership Accounts under one group, and the transfer shall be based on Management’s final discretion and evaluation strictly on a case to case basis.
  13. In case of cancellation of a Dealer’s account/s under (14) and (15) hereof, a Dealer shall not be entitled to any refund of his/her payment for the HWIC Product Pack.
  14. Dealers shall initiate all possible marketable means to promote and sell HWIC products to the best of his/her ability.  All Dealership accounts assigned to a Dealer who was found to have committed any of the following acts, shall be unilaterally terminated by HWIC  effective immediately upon receipt of the Notice of Termination:
    1.  Any Dealer tampering or deliberately altering HWIC product batch codes. All existing accounts of the following Dealers, if found to be likewise involved or has participated in the tampering and altering of the HWIC product code numbers, shall also be UNILATERALLY TERMINATED:
      •  Sponsor of the Dealer who tampered or altered the product code number;
      • Group Leader of the Dealer who tampered or altered the product code number;
      • and All other Dealers who are likewise involved or otherwise participated in the alteration or tampering.
    2.  Any Dealer offering for sale or selling, buying, or otherwise patronizing HWIC products outside the prescribed Mandatory Retail Price (MRP). (Ref. Memorandum dated May 10, 2011 & October 27, 2021) (Reference Memoranda)
    3.  All existing accounts of the following Dealers, if found to be likewise involved or have participated in offering for sale or selling, buying, or otherwise patronizing HWIC products outside of the prescribed MRP, shall also be UNILATERALLY TERMINATED:
      1. Sponsor of any Dealer who offered for sale, sold, bought or otherwise patronized HWIC products outside of the prescribed MRP; and
      2. Group Leader of any Dealer who offered for sale, sold, bought or otherwise patronized HWIC products outside of the prescribed MRP.
    4.  HWIC PROHIBITS the selling and/or display of HWIC products in ALL COMMERCIAL ESTABLISHMENTS, such as but limited to drug stores, neighborhood convenience stores (Sari-Sari), other retail commercial establishments, that also carry other consumer products whether intended for retail selling, or multi-level marketing (MLM).

      Dealers who own and operate their own commercial establishment not qualified and/or classified as the above, such as but not limited to salons, beauty parlors, laundromats, internet cafes, may offer HWIC products for sale in such commercial establishments. Provided, that the following are complied with: 
      • The MRP assigned by HWIC is strictly followed, as indicated in the Reference Memoranda; and
      • There are no other consumer products, whether intended for retail selling, or multi-level marketing (MLM), or any other method of sale, available for sale in the said establishment.
    5.  Any Dealer found to be providing and/or supplying HWIC products below MRP on any online platform or eCommerce site (such as, but not limited to, Lazada or Shopee) shall be UNILATERALLY TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY. Further, any Dealer found to be associated or connected, in any manner and whether directly or indirectly, with other suppliers and consignors providing and/or supplying HWIC products below MRP on said online platforms and eCommerce sites shall likewise be UNILATERALLY TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY. HWIC DOES NOT condone nor recognize the posting and marketing of HWIC products below MRP on any platform, online or otherwise.
    6.  Re-discounting of HWIC checks shall warrant the IMMEDIATE TERMINATION of Dealers, as stipulated: (a) Those who claimed the checks that were exchanged for re-discounting; (b) Those who associate with, or are in business with, or support the activities of the individuals exchanging HWIC checks for re-discounting; (c) Service Center owners who allow, authorize, or tolerate this practice in their respective Service Centers.

      HWIC Dealers and Leaders, as Sponsors and/or Network Group Leaders, should be responsible for continuously monitoring the activities of their respective network organizations and should ensure that all HWIC Dealers continue and consistently follow and comply with HWIC rules and regulations, and internal operational policies. 

      All Dealers are expected to comply with the following Policy Guidelines on Training Module Development: (1) Should adhere to the vision and mission of the company; (2) Should not, in any way, conflict with the ideals of the business of HWIC; (3) Should not, in any way, deviate nor allow for any discrepancies from the Marketing Plan of HWIC; (4) Should have Management approval prior to implementation of customized training programs and deployment (which approval process includes an actual presentation of the module to the approving body of HWIC); (5) Dealer-initiated Seminars and/or Training Workshops held in the HWIC corporate facilities should not charge any seminar fee. 
  15. The Dealer shall not associate nor connect, directly or indirectly or whether as agent, distributor, worker, associate or partner, with any multi-level marketing company, particularly engaged in a business which is in direct competition with and/or utilizing the same or similar business plan as HWIC. This prohibition shall include being seen with or associated with the dealers/distributors and being seen in and/or attending any of the events, seminars, talks,with ANY multi-level marketing company or a company engaged in a business of multi-level marketing or network marketing and/or employing any form of multi-level marketing business plan. Any violation of this provision shall warrant the UNILATERAL TERMINATION of the Dealer’s account with HWIC, upon notice.
  16.   In addition to the above causes already cited, HWIC shall have the right to terminate Dealership Agreements with Dealers who commit the following violations after due notice: 
    1. Any Dealer making false representations or representations prejudicial to the interest of HWIC, or is otherwise found committing acts inimical or damaging to the reputation and goodwill of HWIC;
    2.  Any Dealer committing fraudulent acts against HWIC or any of its other Dealers;
    3. Any Dealer deliberately manipulating a network organization, by making use of names of downlines that are unauthorized, unapproved and/or fictitious or non-existent, otherwise known as “KAMADA” in HWIC parlance; and
    4.  Any Dealer violating HWIC internal operational policies.

      The termination is without prejudice to HWIC’s right to file the appropriate legal action or pursue any other remedy available to it.

      Pending the final determination of the guilt or participation of the Dealer charged in the above violations, the release of all accrued commissions to which said Dealer is entitled shall be suspended from the time of issuance of a written notification to  said Dealer of the charges against him/her. A Dealer shall be given three (3) calendar days from receipt of notice to submit a written explanation to refute the charges against him/her. If eventually found guilty, all the accrued commissions of the charged Dealer prior to the termination of all his/her accounts shall be forfeited in favor of HWIC. Neither shall the charged Dealers be entitled to any refund of his/her payment for HWIC products.

      HWIC has the right and sole discretion to impose a lesser penalty than termination, such as but not limited to: (a) forfeiture of all accrued commissions from receipt of the notice of the charges until final determination is made; or (b) suspension of the Dealer’s account/s for a definite period and forfeiture of all accrued commissions from receipt of the notice of the charges until end of the suspension, depending on the gravity or extent of his/her participation. 
  17. By signing the DIS, Dealer vows that she/he has read and fully understood the provisions herein and obligates himself/herself to continue to be updated of any subsequent and/or future alteration, amendments and/or additions hereto as stipulated by HWIC, in order to comply with applicable laws and prevailing economic conditions. 
  18. A Dealer has the right to engage in personal social media activities to express his/her thought or ideas provided that such activities, directly or indirectly, do not conflict with HWIC internal operations policies, policy manuals or this Rules and Regulations or harm the goodwill and reputation of HWIC, its programs and HWIC- initiated activities. Specifically, a Dealer shall not (a) disclose HWIC confidential information; (b) make defamatory statements against HWIC, its officers, employees, dealers and its programs and activities; (c) use or reproduce the HWIC logo, website link or other HWIC information without the prior written permission of HWIC; and (d) use HWIC’s name or information in connection with the expression of any personal or individual opinion. If Dealer uses social media to promote the programs and activities of HWIC, Dealer must disclose his/her relationship with HWIC within the same social media content or post. Further, only social media posts containing authorized and/or approved literature and materials may be shared/posted by Dealers. It is understood that all consequences arising from the unauthorized social media sharing and/or posting of materials and literature, or those not sanctioned by HWIC shall free the latter from any liability and/or legal implications from these circumstances.

    For all Social Media posts containing personal health and success testimonials, it is imperative that Dealers seek the permission or authorization from the owners of the testimonies before posting any personal healing and/or success testimonials. HWIC explicitly maintains that the social media accounts of its Dealers are, in any form or manner, not connected with HWIC, and/or all HWIC’s social media accounts and virtual personalities online.

    “Social Media“ for purposes of this provision, includes online blogs, forums, chat rooms and social networking sites including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and other similar sites and communications. 
  19. Only HWIC-approved literature and materials can be distributed to the public. Reproduction of existing HWIC-approved literature and materials is allowed as long as it is a faithful copy of the original. Before distribution of such copies, a Dealer must secure authentication and approval from HWIC. Distribution of any literature or material without the required authentication shall entitle HWIC to confiscate and destroy said material. Use of the HWIC marketing plan and/or HWIC logo and/or company name is prohibited for use without the prior written authorization or approval of HWIC for their use.
  20.   HWIC, at its option, may seek enforcement of its rights herein in any court of the Philippines where it has its main offices or branches. HWIC shall also have the right to terminate the Dealership Agreement upon the default of any Dealer of his/her obligation in the Dealership Agreement, this Rules and Regulations and/or in the HWIC policy manual, as part of its management prerogative.
  21. In accordance with banking practices, check commissions issued to a Dealer by HWIC must be claimed and negotiated or cashed within six (6) months from date of issuance. However, if a check remains unclaimed for a period of one (1) year, any amount due hereunder shall be deemed forfeited in favor of HWIC except when the Dealer submits a written advice prior to the lapse of the prescribed 6-month period stating a valid reason why the check commission cannot be claimed and negotiated or cashed within the prescribed period.   
  22. The full incapacity or death of a Dealer automatically terminates the Dealership Agreement including all his/her personal benefits under any and all HWIC account/s, except those pecuniary benefits which have already accrued during the lifetime or prior to the incapacity of the Dealer, said benefits shall be released to his/her legal heirs and/or beneficiaries upon presentation of proof of relation to the incapacitated or deceased Dealer. Provided that only those beneficiaries, comprised of only immediate family members of said incapacitated or deceased Dealer, who was specifically named and authorized by Dealer in a signed and notarized Deed shall be allowed to assume the dealership and collect Dealer’s accrued commission prior to his/her incapacity or death.

    In the absence of any beneficiary requesting to assume the dealership, the full incapacity or death of a Dealer terminates the dealership relationship with HWIC with respect to all existing accounts of said Dealer. All remaining accounts of said Dealer shall revert to HWIC.